Essentials of Music Theory: Students
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Learning Music Theory: Students Let's get started with scales. For all intents and purposes there are four different types of scales: major, minor, harmonic minor and melodic minor. All of the scales have the same formatting and it's as follows:
Major Scales

Minor Scales (Natural Minor)

Minor Scales (Harmonic Minor) 2-1-2-(2)-1-3-1

Minor Scales (Melodic Minor) 2-1-2-(2)-1-2-2

If you can memorize these pattenrs you will be able to build any scale. The numbers indicate the number of half-steps in between consecutive notes. The (2) in parenthesis is such because regardless of the scale the distance between the fourth and fifth scale degrees is always a whole step (two half-steps). NOTE: the DESCENDING of a melodic minor scale changes and is exactly the same as a Natural Minor scale when descending.
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